The Latent Power Workshop


  •  Workshop objective

Activating and discovering the latent power that helps each participant release energy through self-expression and capabilities and discovering their abilities and uniqueness, liberated from what society wants, and discovering what they want for themselves.

  •  Workshop Program
Enjoy a full day with us
* we watch a real life story film called the Peaceful Warrior 
* The program includes different activities that help towards free self expression and a continuous journey for your latent power. 
* In the Workshop express yourself creatively. You may Paint, Sing, bring your own musical instrument 
* Every Human is an Artist, and your own piece of art is your life. Practice the Art of Life.
* The program starts from 10:00 AM – 05:30 PM

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 This Workshop is one of the Path Towards Individuation Program. Under the Supervision of Professor Dr. Aliaa Redah Rafea