Origin and Oneness for Children (Assl wa Wassl lel Atfal)

Assl Wa Wassl lel Atfal (Origin and Oneness for Children)

(Awareness of the present in order to move towards a better future)

 A child capable of free thinking and innovation, eager to know and express himself, confident in himself and in harmony with his peers, preserving his civilized authenticity.

Embrace children’s creative energies through their communication with their civilization and presenting it to them in an exploratory manner that arouses their curiosity and stimulates within them the passion for knowledge and self-confidence.

Assl wa Wassl for Children’s Project encourages activities that serve the project’s mission.

These activities include:

fostering workshops, training courses, and design short stories encouraging all forms of creative self-expression for the Children in a cultivating environment.

The workshop is based on depth psychology, which confirms that every human being is born with a basic psychological structure that is unique and individual, and that dealing with the child through discovery makes those in charge of his care “parents, the school and everyone who contributes to upbringing” more able to extract his capabilities. Therefore there is no single way to deal with Children, but there should be sympathy for each child separately, and the child is the inspiration for the way in which a person deals with this child.

The workshop is based on transcendental psychology, that is, it does not focus on the individual self in contrast to other selves but extracts from the child what makes him feel the extension of the self in the selves of others, without losing his awareness of himself.

Third: The child learns morals through example, not through indoctrination, i.e., through the activity that he performs under a coach who respects the child’s self and is consistent in every action and deed he performs.

Based on the practical and intellectual background, the symbols of civilization, and the story of civilization itself inspires the child to identify himself on more than one level and automatically:
The first level is his own being who gets all the respect in the workshop,
And the second level is to rediscover itself by discovering the emergence of civilization, and live the story of the ancestors through all possible visual and audio media.

The experience of the emergence of civilization is a continuous human experience, it was not in the past, but rather it is now, and the representation of ancient life is not in order to give information, but in order to raise the same questions that man raised from ancient times.
And if the answer to these questions has created a special kind of civilization, the answer today creates a civilization commensurate with time and place, but with the same values that made history.

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