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The Cultural salon of Prof. Dr. Aliaa Rafea

Reflections on the Innate Message and Human Unity

First Salon

Tolstoy's story


Integration, Interdependence and Harmony with the Universe

Motherhood is the Inclusive Self

Buddha the Peace

Immigrant to Islam

Bird logic

Reflections on the Innate Message and Human Unity

Carl Jung and the Innate Message

Tagore: Unity of Life

Hamed Saeed: The Art of Seeing

The Inner Journey Unseen and Witnessed Reflections on Surat Al-Kahf

From the flood of Zamzam

Reflections on the Innate Message and Human Unity

First Season

First Salon

Second Salon

Third Salon

Fourth Salon

Divine Revelation and Human Interpretation

Let us read the Qur'an as a light that illuminates our world and disseminates the message of peace and love within us.

The Meccan stage and jihad in the life of the Prophet

Jihad and its various dimensions

Muslims' varied interpretations on what constitutes jihad

The universality of the Islamic message shows that humanity is one family.

How did the message become distorted?

The innate instinct is God's secret in human.

The Subject

The Aim

What was the driving force behind the trends that turned worship into rituals, the outside world into an adversary, and Sharia into restrictions and laws?

The results of the closed direction.

Gaining the real life is the reward.

Inquiries about the relationship between reward and punishment.

The afterlife is an extension of this life.

Why did others interpret the message of mercy in a way that is so different?

The difference between the open direction and the closed direction.

Heaven is now.

Reward and punishment.

The meaning of the verses.

What do the verses say?

We pray to God to rid ourselves of falling.

A new vision of the verses of obedience.