The Human Foundation for Publication and Distribution

The Human Foundation for Publication and Distribution

(HFPD) , sponsored by the Human Foundation (HF), a nonprofit organization, based in Egypt.

HFPD is a member in the Egyptian Publishers Association since 2016.

Knowledge in all its aspects should be available to all people around

the world to break cultural barriers and bring them together as one family.

Publishing excellent quality media, encouraging creativity in all aspects of knowledge, and paying attention to the importance of ethics and spirituality in raising the sense of the Oneness of Life and Oneness of Humanity.


  1. Accepts for publication distinguished works that contribute to cultural renaissance.

  2. Uses all sort of media to reach the largest possible audience.

  3. Publishes scholarly books, distinguished scientific theses in the field of humanity and any other works in fields or disciplines that contribute to human development.

  4. Accepts publishing works in Arabic and other languages.

  5. Distributes published works, produced by other local and international publishing houses according to protocols that work for the interest of all and should be in accordance with the Egyptian Laws.

  6. Distributes its publications in collaborations with other distributing agents.

  7. Produces digital works to be available on international sites for the widest possible public.

  8. Sponsors cultural forums, conferences, symposim, book signing celebrations.

  9. Participates in local and international book exhibitions.

  10. Uses various media to spread its message.

  11. Encourages talented young people and publishes their work.


Building no. 3, The 6th Tourist District, Juhayna Square , 6th October City, Giza, Egypt


+20 238240651 – +20 1065710351


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