The Path Towards Individuation

The Path Towards Individuation

The Path Towards Individuation Program is one of the Human Foundation projects. It serves its mission and vision.

A person who reveres life can bring about latent power, so one does what one loves, and do it with passion, and enjoy a contented, peaceful, and happy life. 

 Exploring the interconnection between a person and the rest of the human family, nature, and the Divine Power that transcends and is beyond everything. A person that works with love, with the intention of service. A person that is aware the  living is an art that renews perspective continuously.

  1. Question: What kind of training do the participants expect? 

    Answer: The training methodology depends mainly on Depth psychology. Guided by the trainers, the participants take an inner journey to explore the uniqueness of their personalities and appreciate who they are. That is, to bring forth their innate potentials and direct their lives accordingly.

    The core base assumption of this program revolves around the fact that every person has a path to follow to reach fulfillment and satisfaction. 

  2. Question: What do you mean by individuation/ self- realization/ psychological integration? 

    Answer: The process of individuation is a life journey. By its special methodology, the program triggers the inner voice to emerge, so that participants can listen to it. They learn how to read their past with new eyes and be aware of psychological forces which interfere with their interaction with the world. This program helps them to watch their drives to deal with those healthily. When a person finds roots for one’s misery or confusion, s/he would be able to search for inner balance and change one’s perception of the world.  s/he would realize harmony within which would reflect on one’s life. That means that one has taken the process towards individuation.

    Psychological integration/ individuation promotes spirituality beyond any named religion. It reveals the oneness of humanity and the oneness of religious guidance without any ideological frames. anyone who is ready to put ideologies aside and to be ready to listen to the inner voice would find refuge in this program. 

  3. Question: How long does this program take? 

    Answer: The program is made up of four integrated parts, each of which leads to the next. Part four supports the participants in crystalizing their unique experiences.  Each part has clear objectives and takes ten weeks. 

    By fulfilling the requirements of the four parts, The Human Foundation issues a certificate to the participants certifying their completion of the requirements.

    In cases where a participant attends the program but does not deliver the assigned works, the HF issues a certificate to confirm attendance only.

    Fulfilling the requirements enables the participant to enroll in an advanced curriculum in the HF programs.

  4. Question: What kind of qualification do trainers have? 

    Answer: The Human Foundation has criteria for approving the eligibility of trainers. 

    To start the training, the prospective trainers are required to do creative work. This work combines personal experience and the basic scientific knowledge of analytical psychology. They then submit their creative work to be reviewed by a specialist or published in a scientific journal.  

    The prospective trainers also practice course delivery several times under Professor Dr. Aliaa R. Rafea’s supervision. 

    Prof. Dr. Aliaa Rafea sponsors the training process to ensure high quality of training while giving space to the trainers to develop additional tools and references to help the participants. 

    Professor Dr. Rafea was invited by the Research and Training Center for Depth Psychology according to C. G. Jung and Marie-Louise Von Franz twice (2016&2021). She delivered three lectures in each visit and presented a general idea of the Path Towards Individuation program. (

  5. Question: Who is eligible to enroll in this program?

    Answer: There are no prerequisite requirements for this program. Any person who is interested in taking this journey and wants to know more about themselves is welcome. 

    We ask the participants to send the Human Foundation a brief biography and write why they are interested in this program. 

  6. Question: What do I expect to learn from this program? 

    Answer: The process of introspection represents the tool to reach Self-realization and discover uniqueness. knowledge about individual uniqueness guides the person in daily life, clarifies perception of the world, and directs one to find his/her goals for life. That is, to be in the process of individuation and psychological integration.

  7. Question: I would like to know more about this program and whether it is different from other self-development programs or similar? 

    Answer: This program is authentic and developed through 10 years of practice.

     Its main features are as follow: 

    •    It depends on inner guidance, not affirmative statements coming from the mind to program the unconscious.

     •    It considers synchronicity as a cosmic law that functions independently from human thoughts. 

    •    It emphasizes the importance of mindfulness to seize open opportunities and watch out for open doors. 

    •     It draws attention to the fact that it is not our thoughts that impact our destiny. Human beings uncover their destiny along with living.    

    •    It helps each person according to their personality type.  

    •    It does not give any promises to the participants. It asks the participants to take full responsibility for leading their journey and reaping the fruits. 

    As such, it is very different from prevalent self-development programs. 

  8. Question: Would this program help beyond the personal psychological benefit? 

    Answer: Yes, it would help in different areas 

    1.    On the personal level, the program would help the participants gain new consciousness that bring forth hidden potentials and use them.  

    2.     Interested alumni, are eligible to participate in other related activities and projects in the HF or elsewhere.  

    3.    This program helps alumni to enrol in studying The Egyptian Spiritual Heritage and prepares them to join the Assl Wa Wassl team. This project introduces Egyptian Civilization from a global perspective. It requires the essentials of analytical psychology.

    4.    Participants may uncover their creative talents. We encourage them to develop these talents through consultation with the Human Foundation team. Our artists follow the Egyptian School in Art and Life, established by the great artist and thinker Master Hamed Said. 

    5.    Fulfilling the Path Towards Individuation Program makes it easier to enrol in the Research and Training Center in Switzerland. This center accredits the license of the professional psychological analyst. 

    6.    It is possible to explore more fields in the future. 

  1. C.G. Jung Memories, Dreams, and Reflection. 

    There are complimentary references to add along with the proceeding of the program.

Workshop Details

  • The Latent Power

Workshop objective is Activating and discovering the latent power that helps each participant release energy through self-expression and capabilities and discovering their abilities and uniqueness, liberated from what society wants, and discovering what they want for themselves.

  • Know yourself again you are a Wonder

The aim of this workshop is to help the participant to self-esteem and get rid of feelings of inferiority and lack of entitlement.