The Seekers’ Home

The premiere of the film “The Seekers’ Home” held at Cinema Hall and Theater of the Union of Arab Archaeologists located in Sheikh Zayed on Thursday, December 22nd 2022

The Human Foundation presents The Seeker’s Home,

The film’s concept is by Dr. Aliaa Redah Rafea and directed by Ehab Moustafa – International Awards winning film director for his previous work, such as Colorful Dress and A Room’s Tale. The Seeker’s Home soundtrack is by the musician Shady Mo’nes, the creator of the music of the Ghamam Island series, the Fatwa series, and many Egyptian artworks.

Execution and Production of Pro Angels Media Production

The film presents a message to humanity, the content of which is that the poor are the ones who walk in life in pursuit of the best in every human activity they undertake, and that all human beings live as one family and one home, and that the unity of human beings is beyond their diversity, one origin, one destiny, one human.

The film is shown in a ceremony that also witnesses the signing of the book One Humanity, One Home, which includes a number of journeys of some truth seekers and what they have reached in the search journey. Written by Master. Ali Rafea, Prof. Dr. Aliaa Redah Rafea, and Mrs. Aisha Rafea