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Nabd Project



We congratulate NABD Team for establishing their own business.

Project Details



Preparation of a layer of Egyptian creative and cultured researchers having the intention to solve the problems facing the Egyptian nation



  • Creating a research culture at the Egyptian universities (creating a need)

  • Training of the Egyptian students on topics related to community

  • Exploitation of the power of creativity of the young researchers in solving the problems facing the Egyptian civil society (satisfying the need)
  • Values


    Needs for the Project

  • "The poor training of the research personnel is one of the key factors – if not the most important one – responsible for the deteriorating research quality in Egypt." Reference: Research in Egyptian universities: the role of research in higher education - UNESCO Forum on Higher Education, Research and Knowledge, November 29 – December 1, 2006

  • "The scientific research is not sufficiently geared toward the concerns of the society." Dr. Hamed El- Mawsely talking about the biggest problem facing the scientific research in Egypt
  • Target Beneficieries

    Segment 1
  • Egyptian University students
  • Major : all Age : 16 – 25
  • Gender : male/female
  • Place : top rated Egyptian Universities
  • Academic year : all

  • Segment 2
  • Egyptian civil society organizations
  • Field of work : all
  • Place : all Egyptian cities
  • Category : non-profit/profitable organizations
  • Services

    Nabd is providing two main services:

    1. The first service: is providing a mediation service between Egyptian civil society organizations, the Egyptian scientists and student researchers.

    2. The second service, “Nabd educational center” aims at providing various training packages on topics related to scientific research, to give the young researchers the know-how of carrying out scientific research, however every training level is followed by applying phase at which the researchers are divided into teams and each team is asked to respond for a request for knowledge from the Egyptian civil society


                        For more info and current events of this project, visit the project page on facebook