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Be yourself project



Project Details



Members of society lead a life full of joy, peace, longing for knowledge, creativity, beauty and fulfillment. Each and everyone has a mission to fulfill in an environment of freedom and harmony among all.



  • Life of each and every human is of a value that transcends any material aspect.

  • Consciousness of and connection to our innate divine spark leads us to discover the higher value of our life.

  • To 'be oneself' is to manifest all one's potentials; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

  • Collective consciousness of the higher value of life leads a whole society to attain spiritual, psychological and physical balance.
  • Expected Outcomes

    Outcomes of the project are expected to cross different dimensions:

  • Children.

  • Caregivers and teachers.

  • Parents.

  • Family.

  • Relation with oneself.

  • Friends and colleagues.

  • Details on each dimension are available here

    Project Team


    Mrs. Aisha Rafea

    Prof. Dr. Aliaa Rafea


    A group of Personal Growth Programs including:

  • Be yourself ... Achieve your goals "Moral Education Program"

  • The program is targeting children from 7 to 12 years.
    More details are available at the program flyer

  • "Education..Communication..Fun" Training Program for Parents

  • More details are available at the program flyer

  • "Support..Trust..Communication" Training Program for Teachers

  • "Security..Harmony..ascertainment" Training Program for Couples

  • "Be yourself..to be Happy" General Program for Self Development

  • "Awakening the Inner Child Training of Trainers of the Program (Be yourself..to be Happy)

  • "Loving..Cooperation..Success Training Program for workers and employees

                For more info and current events of this project, visit the project page on facebook  and youtube